About Us

We aim to provide peace of mind in your Critical Care Unit. Founded in 2013, Health Sensei is a hospital digitization company enabling healthier and longer lives by intelligent monitoring through a network of connected devices, healthcare providers, doctors and nurses.

We help hospitals improve patient safety, operational efficiency, monitoring capacity and drive revenue at an affordable cost. Our platform is plug-n-play - supports vendor neutral vitals equipment integration. Doctors can conduct digital rounds with real time patient vitals and waveform data on mobile phones/tablets or TVs.

Lab Integration

We aim to connect your lab instruments with the laboratory information system/electronic medical records/hospital information system at an affordable cost.

Health Sensei are also looking to offer an interface solution at the LIS level and reduce the precious man hours spent in accessing and recording data from laboratory analysers and present the software middleware between the clinical laboratory systems and the LIS/HIS/EMR. No need for any expensive or separate equipment as our software integrates into your current system.